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Stuff we use, like and recommend. Some commercial,
some shareware and some free

Great Freeware


Rename Master

Freeware Simply the best file renamer out there and it is portable ... no installation! By
Get it here 



Freeware Unbeatable clipboard utility that fast becomes a “must have” and it is portable ... no installation! By Get it here



Freeware Create your own DVDs from your own movies and video clips with advanced authoring including animated menus if you want. By NtAlex. Get it here



XnView is a free Image Viewer to easily open and edit your photo file. The Image Viewer supports all major image formats and tons of editing tools Get it here


Some shareware is better than the commercial stuff

Commercial Software

This stuff is worth a look

Affinity Products by Serif

Serif developed it's own line of graphics products that spanned everything their PhotoPlus program to WebPlus for building websites, which is still quite usable to this day. They decided to put their efforts into the following products that contain a lot of core code. That means that while you are writing your book in Publisher, you can edit a picture or add a vector design right in Publisher or call Photo or Design to do that work without leaving Publisher. The same goes for the others: you can do some vector work in photo or take the job into Design with all that programs's capabilities then take it back to Photo for more editing. In short, SLICK!


Affinity Photo

If you could create your own photo editing software, it would work like this. Whether it’s quick corrections, delicate retouching, or immersing yourself in complex fine art with hundreds of layers, Affinity Photo has you covered.
Replaces Adobe Photoshop 
Visit on the web


Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer has truly changed the world of graphic design. Five years of intensive refinement since launch have been dedicated to our unwavering vision of a powerful, super-smooth app which improves your workflow and allows your creativity to shine.
Replaces Adobe Illustrator
Visit on the web


Affinity Publisher

Bring your vision to life with Affinity Publisher, the next generation of professional publishing software. From magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports and stationery to other creations, this incredibly smooth, intuitive app gives you the power to combine your images, graphics and text to make beautiful layouts ready for publication Replaces Adobe InDesign.! Visit on the web

Services that Work


Open Drive


Unlimited Cloud Storage, Backup & Cloud Content Management




The best place to store thing for sharing and get paid when people download


Watch 3


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